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RSS Subscriptions

About RSS Subscriptions

Government House has begun offering a personalised subscription to some new content published on its website.   By using this service, notices about some new content are sent to subscribers as soon as it is published online. The service works by using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) software obtainable on the Internet.  The single Government House RSS feed notifies subscribers when new speeches, press releases or features have been added to the site.  Once you've installed a recommended RSS reader or method, subscribe using the instructions provided.

RSS readers and aggregators

All that is required is a supported RSS reader or a web browser that supports RSS or includes an RSS plugin. The particular reader you download will depend on your computer’s operating system and your own preferences. More information: RSS and RSS readers and aggregators

Examples include:

NewzCrawler (Windows)

Safari (Mac OSX)
Mozilla Firefox (live bookmarks or plugin RSS reader)
Explorer 7

Live Journal
My Yahoo!

Governor-General Website RSS feed.

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