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The Governor-General's Anzac of the Year Award

Issue date: 
Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Every year, the Governor-General of New Zealand, in partnership with the RSA seeks out a New Zealander who lives life in a way that embodies the Anzac spirit.

The Governor-General’s Anzac of the Year Award looks to honour someone whose achievements demonstrate the qualities of  comradeship, compassion, courage and commitment.

The award uses the image of Private Richard Henderson as its symbol. Just 19 years old when he went to war, Henderson and his donkey carried numerous wounded soldiers to safety, while war raged around them. A teacher trainee when he joined up, Henderson was an ordinary person who did extraordinary things. We’re looking for people like him – ordinary people who prove that the Anzac spirit is alive and well in 21st Century New Zealand.

Nominations for the The Governor-General’s Anzac  of the Year Award are open now and we’re asking you to help us find a great recipient.

They’ll need to have demonstrated all or some of the following:

Compassion  – New Zealanders have always prided themselves on looking out for others. Who do you know who has demonstrated extraordinary care and concern for others in their communities?

Courage – Henderson carrying wounded soldiers to safety on his donkey while under fire is one kind of courage but there are many others.  Like having the determination to do the right thing or having the strength to see something through against the odds. This award process will consider all kinds of courage – from the everyday to the heroic.

Comradeship – Together we are strong and it’s the way we share ourselves with others that builds strong communities. Can you think of someone who’s a friend or a helper to everyone and has used that to make the world a better place?

Commitment – People who make a difference do what they say they’re going to do and see it through to the end. Sound like anyone you know?

This award can be for a contribution over a period of time or for a one-off act.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

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